About 360 pano photographer Alex Saunders

360 pano photographer Alex Saunders

I am a 360 pano photographer and landscape photographer living in Central Scotland.

The 360 photographs and the images from across Europe displayed on this site were taken by myself, Alex Saunders the photographer at Alex Makes 360,  a widely travelled and award-winning Scottish landscape photographer.

My images are exclusively sold as prints and framed wall art through Pixels.com , and my digital images can be licensed at Pixels licensing

About me

I qualified as an engineer in the early 1970’s and worked for local manufacturing companies until 2010.

During this time photography was a hobby of mine, shooting transparency film when I could afford it, and then digital around 2005.

Since 2010 I have worked as a freelance photographer,  trying the different genres of photography, to find what I wanted to photograph. It did not take long to decide that landscape photography was what I enjoyed the most.


I photograph landscapes with digital cameras, Canon DSLR full frame and cropped sensor bodies, Ricoh Theta V for my 360 images.

Lenses for my canon bodies range from 18mm to 200mm primes and zooms plus a 2X extender and 24mm tilt shift.

Accessories - Manfrotto tripods, tripod levelling base, Arca Swiss quick release clamp, L brackets and ballheads.

Filters ND1000, ND64, ND16, ND8, ND4, ND2,  ND Soft Grads 4 and 8

Ricoh Theta V 360 images and video edited on Theta+ App on iPad and CyberLink PowerDirector

I capture my SLR images in RAW format then catalogue in Adobe Lightroom.
Edit in DxO Optics Pro, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.


Pixels is the website that that hosts the 360 degree and landscape pictures created by the Scottish landscape photographer Alex Saunders, whose landscape photography has sold as canvas prints and framed wall prints from his website at Pixels
A new website at Pixels will be set-up to display my 360 degree photos at Pixels 360

All images Copyright of Saunders Photography
DO NOT USE without my written permision

License available Here

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